The TI Boxer Home Page

While Team Incomplete came about because of a love of bikes and boxers in particular the TI site came about as a way to document the building of "the Boxer" as it's come to be known. Since the story of it's creation struck a cord with those that always wanted a cafe'd BMW but had never seen one to those who simply liked a well done special I've chosen to leave the story exactly as it was - written in real time during the building of the bike. The site has received tens of thousands of hits and I've received hundreds of emails from people all over the world asking questions or just saying thanks and I try to answer them all.

Of all the things that captivate people about our boxer special, the frame is perhaps least noticed. It's the backbone (no pun intended) of the whole project and the reason we set out to build this bike in the first place. Being fast is more a state of mind than a reserve of courage (although that certainly doesn't hurt) and those who have ridden an older bike know all too well the flimsy handling that was common 20 years ago. Those that haven't, should - it builds character. From this we know that going fast is easier on a bike that inspires confidence. Just like riding a familiar road inspires you to go faster, a bike that inspires your confidence will allow you to go faster more comfortably. That's what we set out to do - build a cafe racing boxer that was both pleasing to look at and inspiring to ride.

On this page you'll see the completed naked bike at left. The frame before and after (we've added a Quick Time movie of the frame if you click on it) and some shots that show the progression of the bike as it was when I first purchased it (my first street bike) and what is was after a year and perhaps some more along the way if I can find them. If you've just stumbled onto this site set some time aside to click through the whole story and what this bike unfold...

Top, the boxer naked after it's completion. Above is the frame in it's original configuration and then after it's completion. To see the frame in a 360° Quick Time video click the photo. Below are photos of the bike as I bought it for $950 back in 92 and then a year later as I rode it for several years. Next is the completed bike.